Collaborate on Anki decks in real time: accept or reject suggestions from other students and distribute updates automatically.

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Collaborative Anki Decks

AnkiHub will enable thousands of students to collaborate in real-time to create comprehensive flashcard decks for any subject.

Real-time edits of cards

Think Google Docs or Wikipedia for Anki decks!  Users will automatically stay in sync with new changes.

And Much More!

With well-designed education technology, the task of understanding and memorizing vast, complicated, and important subjects can be rendered trivial in comparison to conventional ways of learning. As a software engineers and medical students who have been working to advance the use of ed tech in medical schools for years, we are uniquely positioned to bring this project to success. The absence of truly effective and accessible accelerated learning tools is a bottleneck preventing millions of would be do-gooders from pursuing high impact careers like medicine and engineering. Because these careers are incredibly rigorous, they select for specific personality types, thereby weeding out those who would make incredible researchers, for example, but assume they aren't smart enough or disciplined enough. AnkiHub will empower students by democratizing accelerated learning and potentiating the ever growing wealth of quality, free, educational resources. The goal of AnkiHub is to help create a world in which anybody who wants to can become a scientist, doctor, engineer, etc, (including those in the developing world, as this technology can be compatible with cheap devices). The science of learning, memory, and performance psychology is solid; AnkiHub can fulfill the need of leveraging the insights from the literature with ease.


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Anki Mastery Course


+ Anki Palace Butler Add-on

  • Why Anki?
  • Getting Started
  • The Anki Algorithm and Settings
  • Card Types
  • Add-ons
  • Pre-made Decks
  • Advanced skills

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This course was designed to take you from downloading Anki all the way to mastering accelerating learning techniques in just a few hours. Videos, text, practice deck downloads and even a special add-on that automatically configures Anki will get you started in no time!